HighLoad: Load Test Your contact Center Print
Load testing is the only way to ensure that the telephony system will react properly under normal load condition.  
Unit testing of the different components is useful but can’t guaranty that the system would not fail under the load of real customers. Load testing through the PSTN (public network) is a must if you want to test the whole flow end-to-end: from the customer to the agent. It is the only way to guaranty that your new system will not crash when real customers will call.  
Shift Services proposes a one stop service to organize and execute the load testing of your contact center and telephony infrastructure. After an analysis with the different teams (PSTN, telephony, IVR, routing, toolbars, recording, CRM, ...), our specialized consultants will define the flows to be used for load testing. Using Shift Services infrastructure, they will then prepare, organize and execute different runs of load test. Statistics and performances will then be analyzed and, when applicable, optimizations will be recommended.  
Shift Services provides a neutral and external view on the different components and how they react under load. But we also have internally deep technical skills in main vendors technology (Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel, Nortel, Asterisk, Genesys, Nice, ..). This gives us a general understanding of the technical architecture and its possible weaknesses.